Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Save! Save! Save! The GLBT Bookshelf Rummage Sale is Here!

It's September, and that means Mel Keegan's GLBT Bookshelf is hosting its second rummage sale.  I'm honored to have two titles alongside the talented Mr. Keegan, the original "Miya" from March's discount sale table and now the characters are back in "Unmasking Miya".  There's a little something for everyone among the offerings, so I hope you'll join me in checking out the bargains!

The GLBT Rummage Sale *

* for mature audiences only


  1. When it comes to reading I want to hold a book, I want to feel the paper pages between my fingers as I flip through the book or magazine. And coming from a printing background, I love the smell of the ink!....I am not a Kindle person.

    1. Oh, there is nothing like the smell of old bookstores. ~sigh~ I do like the Kindle for reading in bed because I don't have to worry about needing lamp light or losing my place if I fall asleep.


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