Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Kit Kat Flavors

I have continually run into mention of Kit Kat candies from various Japanese related blogs and web pages.  As a result, I decided to look up what flavors are available.  Here are thirteen of them, of which there are close to a hundred!

1. Beet - can't imagine this one

2. Wine - red or white?

3. Pumpkin - I just don't know about this one

4. Sour Orange - with chocolate this could be good

5. Ramune - a soda drink flavor

6. Sakura Macha - cherry blossom green tea

7. Pepper - I presume it's the spice, which just sounds disgusting

8. Miso - not surprising but it doesn't sound good to me

9. Aloe Vera - is this a candy or a skin treatment?

10. Daigakuimo - sweet potato; really?

11. Cucumber - now they're just trying for strange

12. European Cheese - as opposed to American processed slices, I presume, but nasty sounding either way

13. Creamy Apple - huh?