Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Yogurt

A. Catherine Noon and I were discussing our mutual appreciation of yogurt. As a result, I’ve listed thirteen uses for plain, fat free yogurt.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movie Review of “The Sensei”

When buying the 2008 movie “The Sensei”, I expected a GLBT version of “The Karate Kid”. That’s not a bad thing, either. I knew that a gay youth learned martial arts to defend himself and that his teacher was a woman with a somewhat troubled family past. Learning that the storyline took place in the eighties only deepened my anticipation.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Cinnamon Schnapps Drinks

When the holiday season ends it's not unusual to find yourself with oddball liqueurs. As a result, I've compiled this list of cinnamon schnapps drinks. Even though some of the other ingredients are considerably more exotic, it still seemed like this would result in some fun mixing.

1. Astro Pop

1/4 oz. Blue Curacao
1/4 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
1/4 oz. Goldschlager
1/4 oz. Jagermeister
1/4 oz. Midori
1/4 oz. Rumple Minze

Layer in the order given and it should look like an Astro Pop popsicle.

2. Dragon Piss

4 oz. Mountain Dew
1 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
3/4 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps

Mix and give to the loser at cards.

3. Jack Ass

1 1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
1/2 oz. Yukon Jack

Pour into a shot glass and slam it back.

4. Atomic Fireball

1/2 oz. Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
dash(es) Tabasco Sauce

Pour and enjoy!

5. Sepultura

1 Beer
1/2 oz. Absinthe
1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps (Preferably Golden Stryke)

Mix the two spirits in a shot glass, drink one quarter of the beer, then drop the full shot glass in the beer glass and shot it all! Remember Sepultura means Grave in Portuguese!

6. Original Sin

12 oz. DNA Alcoholic Spring Water
1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

Pour DNA and Cinnamon Schnapps over ice in a cocktail glass. Stir and serve.

7. Red Panties

1/2 oz. Cherry Pucker
1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

Layer in a shot glass and shoot

8. Carrot Cake

1 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps
1 splash(es) Cinnamon Schnapps
1/2 oz. Irish Cream

Pour the butterscotch into a glass, then mix in Irish Cream. Dribble a splash of cinnamon schnapps on top and serve! Delicious with or without ice.

9. Candy Cane

4 oz. 7-Up (Or Sprite)
2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
1 oz. Cherry Juice (See instructions)

Mix with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry. Note from the person who submitted the recipe: By cherry juice, we mean the cherry flavoured water mixture from those little bottles of cherries that the grocery stores sell.

10. Did You Get the Number of That Truck (punch)

8 cups Squirt
4 cups Apple Schnapps
4 cups Whiskey
2 cups Cinnamon Schnapps

Mix in a punch bowl and serve in a highball glass.

11. Green Machine

1/4 oz. Absinthe
1/4 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps (Preferably Golden Stryke)
1/4 oz. Pisang Ambon
1/4 oz. Vodka

Mix and shoot.

12. Blow Job

1/2 oz. Cherry Liqueur
1/2 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey
1/4 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps
1/4 oz. Irish Cream
Whipped Cream

Mix ingredients and pour into a shot glass. Top with whipped cream.

13. Hot Pussy

2 drop(s) Tabasco Sauce
1 oz. La Grande Passion Liqueur
1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass.