Saturday, September 8, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for September 8th and 9th

The six sentences I’m sharing this weekend are definitely not safe for work or family, hence the placement on my adults only blog. If you prefer to skip a salacious X-rated scene, I hope you will still pop over to the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page. There, many talented writers are sharing tidbits from LGBT oriented content of varying genres.


Dribbling lubricant on the musician’s fingers, I did the same to the loofah handle watching him take hold of his cock. He groaned, back arching when I palmed an ass cheek, thumbing open his exposed hole. Touching rounded plastic to his scrotum set his sphincter to twitching.

“Ah fuck.”

“Can you handle this?”

“No pun intended,” he croaked, chuckling, “I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”


Sorry about the pun. ~grin~ I promise, no shapeshifters were harmed in the enactment of this scene.

Did you know loofah sponges are derived from a fully ripe Asian fruit from the cucumber family, which is edible when harvested young?