Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for March 31 - April 1

For those reading on Sunday, Happy April Fools Day! I’m delighted you’re here. Please note you will be reading at your own risk. ~grin~ This sample is not family friendly or exactly safe for work, hence the move to this adults only blog.

Once again I’m joining the many talented LGBTQ+ writers with Rainbow Snippets. In the following BDSM scene from my BloodMoon series, D/s switch Nickolas has big plans for the ongoing domination of his happy lover.


Before tonight’s show he dared me to stash the vibrator and S&M headgear in my camera bag. Finding the privacy and opportunity to use them seemed reward enough, regardless of who topped who, and I couldn’t imagine what else Nickolas planned.

“Please, Master, just let me come.”

How I dared beg a mystery, his reaction sent a thrill up my spine. One wide palm clamped over my traitorous mouth and Nickolas loomed somehow larger, eclipsing the universe. With our stilled union stapling this humble being so near ecstasy, I almost came right then.


I hope you enjoyed it and check out what others have shared. Have a good weekend!