Monday, July 5, 2010

Quote of the Day

Yesterday I stumbled upon a startling image while innocently researching temple statuary in Japan. I'm grateful to the Virtual Tourist website for providing this image of the giant phallus in Tagata Shrine:

Of course, I had to share with my partner, who promptly said:

How would you like to be the guy whose job it is to polish that every day?


  1. Innocent research. I suppose that exists. That's a funny partner you have.

  2. Thanks! You do a good job making me laugh, too. It's greatly appreciated!

  3. ~snort~ Your partner's got a good point! :)

    It's sure... big... o.O...

  4. Lol, I had to stop in and take another look at that thing. Phallus worship is still alive and well? I'll have to tell my hubby.



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