Friday, July 16, 2010

Umi no hi

Today I learned that this third Monday of July is a modern holiday in Japan known as Marine Day. I believe the Kanji, 海の日, translates as Umi no hi, with the first character umi designating our earth's seas.

Established a mere fifteen years ago, the holiday is not honored with any sort of traditional ceremony. There are no parades, kites, or requisite temple visits. Rather, many flock to the beaches, and the main intent is to make citizens pause to wish for economic prosperity upon the island nation. Particularly poignant this summer, it is also intended that people give thanks for the blessings of the oceans, so vital to us all.

Let’s join with the Japanese in giving thanks and hope that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis is truly at a turning point. While this remains a disastrous situation, I have faith that scientific investigation over the weekend will show no further leakage.

So, join me in saying, "Happy Marine Day!"


  1. What an uplifting post. I like the idea of a day to honor the seas; they're part of our life. Without them, we are lost.

  2. I agree! One gal I know in Japan had a lovely time just playing on the beach in celebration. Apparently, the Japanese don't say they spent time with friends, but always that they played with them. I was glad the phrase fit her Marine Day party ending in some lovely fireworks someone brought along.


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