Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ A Spoiled Existence

I don’t count my blessings nearly as much as I should. This list is sort of tongue-in-cheek but also heartfelt.

Thirteen blessings of my spoiled existence:

1. Disposable Tissues – for both noses and unmentionables

2. Indoor Plumbing & Clean Water – very much taken for granted

3. Lip Balm & Skin Lotions – my first and greatest addiction outside of writing

4. An Insect & Pest-Free Home – I’m especially aware of this after actually getting hooked on a so-called reality TV program, “Billy the Exterminator” (even with this I skip the canned, soap opera drama)

5. Top of the Food Chain – I’m mostly there where we live, and this hearkens again to the crazy dangers Billy Bretherton faces in Louisiana

6. Microwave Ovens – how did I survive my early bachelorette-hood without one?

7. Ready Health Care – not to spark a political storm, never my intent, I do feel blessed for this

8. Central Air Conditioning – can’t imagine a summer without it

9. Reliable Electricity – sorely missed when a hurricane took down the power grid for a week

10. Books – come on, you knew I had to go there...

11. and stay there... Paper & Pens

12. Computers, Laptops, & Thumb Drives – excuses not to write have never been so difficult to invent

13. Imagination – the luxury to dream and put my stories into words instead of worrying over where my next meal is coming from


  1. We have a lot of things in common, blessings-wise. What's wonderful is that you recognize them as such - not enough people do that, nowadays.

  2. Great TT! I'm with ya!


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  3. We're so spoiled, aren't we? I hope I never get sucked back in time like Claire did in Outlander. I think I'd just have to let someone kill me immediately.

  4. I've been feeling blessed with health care lately too. Ironically, it's because of a local doctor. She doesn't require appointments, is inexpensive, provides good quality and rarely makes me wait. How? She doesn't take insurance.

  5. It's interesting, isn't it, what we forget to be thankful for. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Great list. After traveling through Africa for seven months and mostly camping, indoor plumbing and running water is one thing that I never take for granted. I say thanks often when I'm enjoying a hot shower!

  7. Nice post. There's so much we tend to take for granted.

  8. AS I am missing A/C so much this summer, I will agree there!

  9. Since I'm now way into peri-menopause, I thank God during the summer for the ac in my car and the swamp cooler in my house.

    Happy TT.

  10. Books and paper and pens - yes! Okay, so I agree with you ona few other things, but these are certainly the essentials. Thanks for visiting me today!

  11. LOL! I think Heather at Galaxy Express asked the question about what I'd miss most and I said "Toilet paper" LOL.


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