Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thirteen reasons I should have stayed home from work today:

1. It’s raining, and my muse thrives on rainy weather

2. Imagining a beautiful exchange between two fictional characters, I would have preferred to keep daydreaming in bed until the urge to write the scene forced me to get up

3. I’m actually in a good mood and should let my work-from-home partner enjoy this side for a change

4. My Thursday 13 list wasn’t already written as I’d wrongfully thought (a blog post is in the pipe for another topic– duh) and I could concentrate better away from here

5. The day job isn’t any fun

6. The one and only street out of my neighborhood was blocked by a fire truck due to a fallen tree (unfortunately, the fireman waved me on before I came to my senses and went home)

7. A constant stream of emails distract my attention from the fiction I’d rather be writing

8. Painting on my home’s interior is done and tons of artwork needs re-hung

9. Three cats would rather have me there

10. The floor needs vacuumed and I won’t want to do it by day’s end

11. My daily Japanese lesson could be done with a cat on the lap instead of sitting in my car or the company break room

12. It’s noisy here and I like things quiet (music in my ear keeps me somewhat sane)

13. To bastardize a quote my dad taught me about fishing, “A slow day of writing beats a good day at the office”

I hope that, wherever you are, you have a good Thursday!


  1. Love lots of those, but especially love no.13 :)

    Here's my T13. Hope you can drop by!


  2. Being forced out of bed by the muse is the best way to get up. Always.

  3. Love your last one! I hope the day has gotten a bit better for you!

  4. Love #13 and I totally agree!

  5. Well, next time I reckon you'll follow your instincts and develop a slight fever. At least, that's what works here. LOL!

    Great list!

  6. Angel, Heather, and Lori, I'm glad you liked my dad's quip! He may have heard it elsewhere, but he's a very funny man. Good point, Alice! Too bad that can't be every day, though this one did get better (Thanks, Heather). Kimberly, the advice is appreciated. However, I have burned up too many days that way already. ;) Thankfully, my physical state is good enough to use those sick days for mental health.

  7. LOL - I've started turning the computer off so email and the Internet can't distract me. I had to do something radical!

    I hope your day improves.

  8. Aw, but the weekend is only a day away. You cats, Japanese lessons and muse can wait till then.

    Happy TT.

  9. Heh heh, boy can I relate to this list, especially #13. My day job isn't any fun, either. I love rain, too - it's very soothing and romantic to me. And my husband has been doing some interior painting all day.

  10. Shelley, I know what you mean. When I'm home, I'll restrict my online time. Thanks for the encouraging word, Janice. Unfortunately, we have to travel to visit my parents for my dad's silly computer gaff but they're awesome people and will surely give me some quiet time to write. I'm glad you liked #13, Tatiana, and wish you liked your day job. I do have pretty amazing coworkers, at least. Hope your husband didn't hate painting. We hired a painter for the first time and I am soooo glad.

  11. well, i'm always a fan of skipping. but rain makes me sleepy.

  12. I would always rather be anywhere than my own day job. I feel your pain.

    Jia (aka Mama Kelly)


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