Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ The Joys of Writing

Thirteen Reasons I Write

1. Escapism – better than movies and even books, internal fantasies can be visited virtually anywhere and anytime; I carry pen and paper whenever possible

2. Characters –protagonists drive my plots, taking on a life of his or her own in the process, and are often my company of choice

3. World Building – while lately discovering the joy of alien peoples and places, I find that generating any sort of alternate reality is immensely rewarding

4. Research – obviously educational, typically entertaining, this frequently plants the seed for new ideas as an added side benefit

5. Sex – I wrote erotica in my journals before ever having heard the term; later, rediscovering vivid tell of youthful exploits inspired my creative writing and this is still my favorite subject

6. Liaisons – it's imperative to add how daydreaming sexual encounters never gets old and those I will never experience (for whatever reason) provide especially compelling challenges

7. Travel – a journey into prose shows me wondrous sights without the stress and expense of an actual vacation

8. Memories – it’s amazing what experiences I recall, savoring some before truth is spun to weave fact into fiction

9. Kodak Moments – reading what I’ve composed about an incident, real or pretend, stimulates a more intense response than the majority of photographs (inspirational images are like the icing on the cake)

10. Limitless Рsorry to sound clich̩, but my unbound consciousness soars during the process of storytelling

11. Music – unlike cinema and television, my second favorite activity happens to be extremely compatible with this great passion, which brings to mind the next item

12. Passion – I can explore the most desirous or debased emotions known to humankind, all confined within my relatively harmless psyche

13. Sanity – it’s cheaper than therapy and a heck of a lot more fun


  1. Great list. These include a lot of the reasons I write, too.

  2. All great reasons! I totally agree!


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  3. Very insightful and yes, it's a great escape.

  4. I love it. Those are all good reasons. I agree with you!

  5. Excellent list! About half of them apply to me, and I can appreciate all of them.

  6. I see we agree on many of these. Which ones? I'm not gonna say. ;-)

  7. Great list and one we can identify with!

  8. It's nice to know I'm not so odd as I feared. You folks are great!

  9. great reasons! Many of those work for me, too.

  10. All excellent reasons - great post!

  11. All great reasons. Writing definitely keeps me sane.

  12. Great list, I can relate to pretty much every one of these.

  13. Awesome list. Some of these were plucked directly from my brain.

  14. I wish I was this specific about why. I usually do it to shut the little voices up.....

  15. I agree with you whole heartily.

    Happy TT.

  16. All great reasons. I write...because it's part of what makes me, me.
    Happy T13!

  17. It's sweet to receive such nice comments from such esteemed folks. What great company!


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