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Key to My Heart - Chapter Two

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Key to My Heart - Chapter One

Chapter Two:

Only in the wee hours of the morning did I worry about chaperoning an all-girl sleepover without a woman present. Fortunately, Sarah’s mom returned before the kids were even up. I’d forgotten what it was like to be a carefree twelve-year-old sleeping in with impunity.

“Mom’s doing well, I’m happy to report. She’s already home and resting comfortably. You, however, look like crap, Brian.”

“Thanks, Rhonda. I worried what these gals’ parents would say with just Kyle and me watching over their precious babies. They’d either be upset that we’re both potential predators or that we’re a couple.”

“All Sarah’s friends probably know you’re gay. She loves you and Kyle, Brian, and talks about you all the time. I really don’t think it would have been a problem.”

“Well, I’m glad to be a part of her life and sorry her dad doesn’t feel the same. I’m also still glad you’re here before parents start showing.”

Kyle came out of the kitchen yawning over a cup of coffee. “Rhonda, it’s good to see you again,” he said, kissing her on the cheek.

Next, he walked to me and put an arm about my waist. I couldn’t wait to get him home after spending the night in separate beds for appearances’ sake.

“I guess we’ll be going.”

“Can’t I offer you breakfast before the hungry throng wakes?”

“We’ve got stuff at home,” I replied, giving Kyle a squeeze upon the shoulder. “You ready to go?”

“Sure, Bri. Let me just get my duffel and kiss Sarah goodbye.”

“She’ll like that even if she’s still asleep. I’ll be sure and tell her.”

“I hope she doesn’t mind that I slept in her bed. I told Brian it seemed wrong to share a room here with a roomful of young, impressionable kids, even if they never saw us.”

“That was very thoughtful. And thanks again for all you did. It really meant a lot to me and Sarah. I can’t wait to hear all about last night from her and Molly.”

“I think everyone had fun,” I opined as Kyle disappeared upstairs.

“Can I ask one more thing before you go?”

“What’s that, Rhonda?”

“Would you take a key to the house? I’d feel better knowing you two could get in if something happened to me.”

“What about a neighbor?” I asked, feeling overwhelmed by her faith.

“Nobody in particular comes to mind. All the people we knew best seemed to have moved away. Besides Mom, you two are the closest family Sarah has.”

“All right. You know I’m flattered.”

She surprised me further by giving me two keys. “I want both you and Kyle to have access in case of an emergency.”

Now she put a catch in my throat. Of all the people to like Kyle, she was probably most important. We’d known each other since we were kids, two peas in a pod from preschool to nuptials, and she’d stuck by me when I realized that I no longer wanted to live miserably pretending to be straight. She offered support through our very divorce while my family turned their backs.

“This is going to make Kyle’s entire year.”

“Maybe you should do that and give the man a ring or something, Brian. He’s really good for you.”

“I am?” If he’d heard the whole thing, Kyle didn’t act like it. He ran his hand through highlighted hair and tiptoed comically toward the door. “I didn’t wake anyone and don’t want to start now. They’re so innocent when they’re asleep.”

“I agree,” she whispered.

And on that quiet wake of laughter we got into our respective cars. Starting his engine, Kyle blew me a kiss. He mouthed the words, “See you at home.”

“Race you.”

He nodded and laughed. He knew I was no more incautious than your typical middle aged man. I’d seen way too many accidents. As a result, we arrived home in the same order we left. I gave him the choice parking spot with a wave of my hand and hurried to meet him before he could leave the side of his car.

“Hey, you.”

“Hey, yourself. You know? That was fun,” Kyle observed.

“It was, if a little nerve wracking for a bit, but we did okay.”

I edged in close, catching him by surprise. Before he could object, I held up the keys to Rhonda’s house. Explaining to him the meaning, I couldn’t help noticing a watery look to his eyes. Cupping the back of Kyle’s head, I cradled his face against my neck. His arms snaked around my sides and I didn’t flinch.

“I love you. Ready to go in?”

“I don’t know. Has anyone seen us yet?”

“That doesn’t matter to me. Now that I realize how much Rhonda values you I want the whole planet to know.”

Kyle lifted his head, lips parted, and I kissed him. Within a moment I knew a need to get him into our bed. Not bothering to wait for the elevator, we must have made it to our floor in record time.

I pulled his comedic, graphic shirt over his head before the door latched, sneakers and overnight bags forgotten in the entryway. We stumbled to the bedroom and out of our remaining clothes.

Kyle and I had the moves down perfect, a delicious grind that pressed our cocks together for ideal friction. This time, I lay on top. Our position for frottage, much like penetration, varied in no particular way. This morning we were too anxious to go the more protracted route of anal sex. When we were spent, a sweaty heap soon to stick together, I rolled us on our sides.

“Will you marry me, Kyle Keyes?”

“I will,” he huffed, “but only if you let me keep my name.”

“Of course. You are the keys to my heart.”



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