Sunday, April 1, 2018

To All Who Celebrate, Happy Easter and Passover! And a NSFW Story Snippet

It’s hard to believe today is Easter already. And Passover started two days ago? Wow.

Meanwhile, April first kicks off two challenges for bloggers and writers. First is the A-Z blog challenge, which I did for the past three years, I believe, on my Darla M Sands blog. This year, I decided to focus instead on fiction writing alone and limit myself to the Camp NaNo word count challenge.

Unlike November’s National Novel Writing Month strict fifty thousand word count goal, April’s ‘camp’ allows participants to set their own challenge. So I, being a bit of a masochist, picked the 50k word count.

That said, here is a little snippet that showcases this side to one of my characters. Please note it's a bit racy for work or family.


“Shit. I should be coddling you, not making you feel guilty for wanting to forget something awful.”

“I don’t want to be coddled,” he snarled.

“What do you want?”

“You. Now.”

Rushing me, he shuffled forward until my back contacted the wall. His body pressed into mine, a growing erection making dominant intention and desire clear. I went with this force of nature, tangling my fingers in spider silk strands at the base of his skull.

“Yes,” he whispered, more sigh than plea. “Pull my hair, Alexandra.”

I pulled back to study his face. The mixed signals confused me, his acting forceful then requesting pain.

Maybe his needs were different than first thought. Nickolas might like to switch things up when it came to power exchange, he isolated those masochistic tendencies from his inner sadist. Call it self preservation, he once told me, his smirk self deprecating.

My primitive brain clicked on, reaching the simple conclusion. He tested me, himself, us, our boundaries. Unwrapping my hands I shoved him by the shoulders. The werewolf stumbled backward only to steady himself and stand his ground.


I hope you enjoyed it. Are you embarking on anything special this month?