Saturday, September 8, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for September 8th and 9th

The six sentences I’m sharing this weekend are definitely not safe for work or family, hence the placement on my adults only blog. If you prefer to skip a salacious X-rated scene, I hope you will still pop over to the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page. There, many talented writers are sharing tidbits from LGBT oriented content of varying genres.


Dribbling lubricant on the musician’s fingers, I did the same to the loofah handle watching him take hold of his cock. He groaned, back arching when I palmed an ass cheek, thumbing open his exposed hole. Touching rounded plastic to his scrotum set his sphincter to twitching.

“Ah fuck.”

“Can you handle this?”

“No pun intended,” he croaked, chuckling, “I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”


Sorry about the pun. ~grin~ I promise, no shapeshifters were harmed in the enactment of this scene.

Did you know loofah sponges are derived from a fully ripe Asian fruit from the cucumber family, which is edible when harvested young?


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for June 9th and 10th

I hope you are enjoying a pleasant June, the month filled with positive events to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan and boost awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues. I pray all attendees stay safe, have fun, and make a positive impact. This world needs to be safer and more loving toward everyone.

This Rainbow Snippet follows what I posted last week, fleshing out Joe’s unrepresented character. His bisexual girlfriend and her sometime female lover are enjoying the feigned acrimony between Joe and his roommate Nickolas. The latter’s lobbying has failed to get him a hookup with Joe, which the gals lament.

I hope you enjoy reading and will hop over to the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page for more. Be well!


Giving Samantha the gist of our exchange, I cracked up with her. Joe was no homophobe, playing matchmaker when he introduced one shy gay friend to his similarly oriented crush. Yet Joe made clear to Nickolas and us gals that he was ‘not ready to open that back door, so to speak’. Our guys were such clever, provocative linguists.

I hoped someday Joe would be willing to experiment. He had no idea what he was missing.




Saturday, June 2, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for June 1st and 2nd

Welcome to June, a month filled with positive events to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan and boost awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues. I pray all attendees stay safe, have fun, and make a positive impact. This world needs to be safer and more loving toward everyone.

This weekend for Rainbow Snippets, I’d like to share what I hope is a comedic scene. Alexandra is in Chicago with her sometime playmate, Samantha, leaving their men in Cincinnati. Here the two bisexual soul mates are talking on the phone regarding that age old dilemma of a man interested in bedding his straight roommate. Joe, in the presence of his pal Nickolas, doesn’t have a voice here but is not amused despite his open-minded attitude.

I hope you enjoy and will visit the group’s Facebook page for more literary tidbits. Next week I will share a little insight into Joe. Meanwhile, this scene opens with Nickolas speaking.


At least someone won't be lonely tonight. You know I don't mind a pair of beans in my vanilla but Joe got weirded out when you even mentioned watching him and me go at it.

Pair of beans in your vanilla?” I echoed, sputtering. Smartass. You could always ask him, you know, as long as I get details if he agrees.

You should see the look on his face right now,” Nick said, cackling.




Saturday, May 12, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for May 12th and 13th

This weekend’s Rainbow Snippet is not so unsafe for work, but it seemed fitting to keep it on my adults only blog since these six sentences follow last weekend’s little contribution. I hope you’ll check out our Rainbow Snippets Facebook page to find some really good stuff from a number of talented writers sharing LGBTQIA+ related fiction.


On his knees Nickolas grabbed each elbow, forearms aligned crosswise, turned head resting upon them. He looked at me through streamers of caramel, molasses, and cinnamon.

I brushed the long fall off his back, careful to uncover his face as well. I wanted and in fact needed to see any and all changes in expression. They would lead me where he needed taken.

“Stop code is ‘Dreaming of Me’, okay?”


I hope you enjoyed reading. Do you know the Depeche Mode song from which their power exchange code derives?


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for May 5th/6th

This snippet is not safe for work or family. It’s the opening to a sexual power exchange scene from my BloodMoon series. Whether or not you decide to read on I hope you will check out other writers sharing six sentences of LGBTQIA+ fiction. You can find them linked on the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page.


I followed him, eyes on that luscious ass encased in satin boxers. A knowing, extra sway to his hips made me laugh despite myself. Demeaning my naughty rascal, then nurturing and rebuilding him, diminished this world’s evils, if only for a while.

In our bedroom Nickolas folded my shirt and laid it on top the dresser. He removed his shorts, erection bouncing toward the ceiling. Slinking toward the bed, he dragged himself up like an abused dog.


I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoy penning this pair. Believe me when I say Alex has his hands full.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

To All Who Celebrate, Happy Easter and Passover! And a NSFW Story Snippet

It’s hard to believe today is Easter already. And Passover started two days ago? Wow.

Meanwhile, April first kicks off two challenges for bloggers and writers. First is the A-Z blog challenge, which I did for the past three years, I believe, on my Darla M Sands blog. This year, I decided to focus instead on fiction writing alone and limit myself to the Camp NaNo word count challenge.

Unlike November’s National Novel Writing Month strict fifty thousand word count goal, April’s ‘camp’ allows participants to set their own challenge. So I, being a bit of a masochist, picked the 50k word count.

That said, here is a little snippet that showcases this side to one of my characters. Please note it's a bit racy for work or family.


“Shit. I should be coddling you, not making you feel guilty for wanting to forget something awful.”

“I don’t want to be coddled,” he snarled.

“What do you want?”

“You. Now.”

Rushing me, he shuffled forward until my back contacted the wall. His body pressed into mine, a growing erection making dominant intention and desire clear. I went with this force of nature, tangling my fingers in spider silk strands at the base of his skull.

“Yes,” he whispered, more sigh than plea. “Pull my hair, Alexandra.”

I pulled back to study his face. The mixed signals confused me, his acting forceful then requesting pain.

Maybe his needs were different than first thought. Nickolas might like to switch things up when it came to power exchange, he isolated those masochistic tendencies from his inner sadist. Call it self preservation, he once told me, his smirk self deprecating.

My primitive brain clicked on, reaching the simple conclusion. He tested me, himself, us, our boundaries. Unwrapping my hands I shoved him by the shoulders. The werewolf stumbled backward only to steady himself and stand his ground.


I hope you enjoyed it. Are you embarking on anything special this month?


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for March 31 - April 1

For those reading on Sunday, Happy April Fools Day! I’m delighted you’re here. Please note you will be reading at your own risk. ~grin~ This sample is not family friendly or exactly safe for work, hence the move to this adults only blog.

Once again I’m joining the many talented LGBTQ+ writers with Rainbow Snippets. In the following BDSM scene from my BloodMoon series, D/s switch Nickolas has big plans for the ongoing domination of his happy lover.


Before tonight’s show he dared me to stash the vibrator and S&M headgear in my camera bag. Finding the privacy and opportunity to use them seemed reward enough, regardless of who topped who, and I couldn’t imagine what else Nickolas planned.

“Please, Master, just let me come.”

How I dared beg a mystery, his reaction sent a thrill up my spine. One wide palm clamped over my traitorous mouth and Nickolas loomed somehow larger, eclipsing the universe. With our stilled union stapling this humble being so near ecstasy, I almost came right then.


I hope you enjoyed it and check out what others have shared. Have a good weekend!