Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ The Sexiest Car in the World

1. I think this one is from the early seventies.
It's a favorite color and one of my favorite body styles.

2. A classic.
This reminds me of one a former boyfriend's uncle owned

3. Or was Skip's car more like this?  It's been too long, I guess.

4. Love that logo.  I wore out a cool shirt sporting it.

5. This looks like the '84 model that transported me on prom night.

6. Yellow is another good color.

7. Race day!

8. Look at that shine.  The owner sure loves this baby.

9. I'm not nuts about these back windows but it's definitely a 'Vette.

10. I love this pace car.

11. The weather is certainly perfect for a convertible.

12. This is just cute.  What can I say?

13. 1969 Stingray ~ this looks just like one my father restored.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ Japanese Rockers on my Listening Rotation

Cali Gari – named after the silent film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, these guys have really fun hooks to their music

Chachamaru – technical guitarist for Gackt Job, this beautiful man also put out a solo project of his own called “Air”

Dir en Grey – I can’t get enough of them; their sound is varied and intense.

Gackt – I’ve gone on about him before ~blush~ All About Gackt

Kiyoharu – this former lead singer of Kuroyume came out with a good release called “Poetry”

Kuroyume – Live at Shinjuku Loft is a great energetic show

Malice Mizer – this visual kei band is no longer together but I love their look and sound, especially during the Gackt era

Mucc – these hard rockers actually toured the US in 2008; I wish I’d known them then

Nightmare – good music, good looking, these guys spell the band name in katakana as ナイトメア

Penicillin – some of you might have heard of these guys; they have a stunning eleven albums

Versailles – they have a rich, goth appeal

Vienna – this was an early project of Chachamaru and shares some music with his later solo offering

X Japan – I received a free DVD by way of introduction and still haven’t gotten over how cool their amazing hairstyles were

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Interview with A. B. Gayle

Come on over to the Nightlight blog for an interesting read: