Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Animal Lovin'

I have seen quite a few animal mating rituals, if not the actual act of procreation itself. In retrospect, it’s sort of funny.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Banned Book Week

This week, the American Library Association is promoting the right to read anything we want.  No fan of censorship, I like the idea.  Various libraries have displays of banned or threatened books.  I imagine it's a big thing in some schools.

Have you heard of this peaceful protest?  I'd like to know what you think of the idea.  Any suggestions on such a book I should read?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Opening a Door or Tripping Over a Threshold

It's not racy, but I have a commentary on my group's blog today. I'll hope you'll pop over for a read. Let me know what you think.

Writer's Retreat Blog


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Trademarked Japanese Characters

I found these images courtesy of the fun website Pink Tentacle. Though I don't know what companies commissioned them or why, they're just fun. You can find the whole collection of 99 trademarked characters here:

Pink Tentacle

And without further ado, number 1. A ghost with a flying saucer for a hat?

2. There's nothing like a smart, talented guy:

3. Not the helpless Humpty Dumpty, this egg is dressed for success.

4. A dentist with a cherry for a head?  I got nothin'.

5. This reminds me of a joke:
What do you do with an elephant with three balls?
You walk him and pitch to the rhino.

6. A message about monkeys using underarm deodorant, apparently.

7. Awww...

8. Anda gain...

9. Toilet paper man to the rescue!  I think we could all use one of these whenever the bathroom runs out of the stuff in the middle of taking care of business.

10. Who exactly started the pink = girl and blue = boy?  The fact that's all I can say should tell you something.

11. Definitely a message reinforced by cuteness...

12. Potato and carrots make me think of stew.  Then again, the potato man reminds me of my chubby cat.  I'm so conflicted!

13. Water never looked so adorable, even if it does have a weird leaf attachment.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Life In The Day Of Wednesday

Today I finished reading what I thought would be a light-hearted, saucy take on a BDSM trio. It's called "Fun with Dick and Shane: The Life and Times of a Submissive Houseboy".  The tale turned out to be a journalistic story with some profound messages.

More than once, I paused to hear music the author mentioned or to investigate a particularly unfamiliar British idiom.  In short, I found myself quite engrossed.

In the chapter of the same name as my post, there is a thought provoking treatise on life and death. Essentially, Gillibran Brown says we're all humans going through variations on a theme. His Wednesday was one of mourning at a funeral.  Others might be celebrating a new relationship or some success at work.

Here is his brilliant summation:

In short, as individuals, we are all just a life in the day of Wednesday, or whatever day of the week it happens to be.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Illustrations by Gōjin Ishihara

The following images are from a book illustrated in 1972. I thank the folks at Pink Tentacle, where you can find more images here:

Macabre Kids Book Art by Gōjin Ishihara


Yamasei, the mountain sprite, just looks like a disagreeable fellow if you ask me


The kappa are river imps
Their behavior goes beyond what I ever would expect from the name

Yūrei are simply ghosts
This depiction is both beautiful and scary


Jorōgumo “whore spider" I own a wonderful rendition by a gifted American artist
Matthew Meyer is currently living in Japan


Kubire-oni is a strangler demon new to me


Kyūbi no kitsune is the nine-tailed fox
I'm not certain of the significance of the woman's face
Nine (kyū) tails is the limit, showing great age and wisdom


Rashōmon no oni is an ogre at the Rashōmon gate
The detachable arm is just creepy


Rokurokubi, the long-necked woman
I've run into her ilk in other renditions of eerie folklore


Onmoraki is a bird demon adapted from Chinese folklore


Nekomata is a cat monster
The neko (cat) being a housept of mine,
I'm rather alarmed that this one went for the jugular


Waira, the mountain-dwelling chimera, gives me another reason to stick to flatlands in Japan


Baku is the dream-eating chimera
This notion scares me more than anything else


Tenjō-sagari dwells in the ceiling, which is pretty obvious here
I feel sorry for the sleeping young man and at the same time,
it's such an eerily sensual scene I can't look away

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Save! Save! Save! The GLBT Bookshelf Rummage Sale is Here!

It's September, and that means Mel Keegan's GLBT Bookshelf is hosting its second rummage sale.  I'm honored to have two titles alongside the talented Mr. Keegan, the original "Miya" from March's discount sale table and now the characters are back in "Unmasking Miya".  There's a little something for everyone among the offerings, so I hope you'll join me in checking out the bargains!

The GLBT Rummage Sale *

* for mature audiences only