Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Restrictions

I recently received a general list of does and don'ts for elevated cholesterol. So, it seemed a good idea to share and hopefully get some commiseration. Here are thirteen things I'm told to avoid:

1. Processed meats such as bacon, bologna, and hot dogs

2. Whole milk

3. Cheeses over three grams of fat/ounce (Swiss, American, and cheddar are specifically listed, sigh...)

4. Butter

5. Coconut

6. Egg noodles

7. Cream cheese

8. Doughnuts and pastries

9. Croissants

10. Potato chips

11. Solid shortening/lard

12. Ice cream

13. Chocolate

While many of these aren't too much of a hardship, I'll have to get more specifics. After all, I have to find something convenient for workday mornings and don't want to end up on cholesterol medication if I can help it.


  1. Cream cheese? I have to give up cream cheese? Whah.

  2. I simply couldn't do it. I really feel for you, hon! I don't have many of those items regularly, but knowing they were off the table, so to speak? AUGH!!!

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Good thing I've been able to keep my cholesterol down. I can't do without most of those. I'm addicted! But really, chocolate! NO!

  4. That's my diet right there. :( That would be hard to give up.


  5. Fortunately, there are some low cholesterol alternatives for some of those. Best wishes on making necessary changes!

  6. Some people try to spoil all our fun!

  7. Oh that last one ....chocolate is a give up! haha


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