Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Vacation Requirements

My partner and I cannot decide upon a vacation destination. So, the idea arose to create a list of trip preferences. Here goes:

1. A need of my never used passport

2. Wildlife viewing, perhaps interaction

3. A health club

4. Gambling, preferably a craps table for my partner

5. Boating

6. Ooh, and fishing

7. A private beach, perhaps

8. Isolation from street crime

9. Fine dining

10. An all-inclusive resort is starting to sound good

11. Adult beverages included

12. Plenty of quiet and relaxation

13. Adults only

I think a tropical resort might just be the way to go. What's your ideal vacation?


  1. My ideal vacation would be near water, and far from screaming children and barking dogs.

  2. It sounds as if a cruise holiday might work for you. Hubby and I are off to China in less than two weeks. We obviously had similar conversations in our homes. I can recommend Samoa - Aggie Grays' resort. Hawaii is good too, although not much wildlife there unless you want to whale watching, snorkeling etc.

  3. Somewhere quiet, where my allergiesw won't go berserk and I can tour museums to my heart's content and sleep well and late.

  4. I think a cruise or all-inclusive resort holds everything you need. Don't forget to tell us what you eventually decide! :)

    Happy T13,

    Out of the Shadows

  5. I'd definitely want to be near water, have some interesting things to photograph, not sure what else. Oh, I don't want to stand in any lines for food.


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