Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Kit Kat Flavors

I have continually run into mention of Kit Kat candies from various Japanese related blogs and web pages.  As a result, I decided to look up what flavors are available.  Here are thirteen of them, of which there are close to a hundred!

1. Beet - can't imagine this one

2. Wine - red or white?

3. Pumpkin - I just don't know about this one

4. Sour Orange - with chocolate this could be good

5. Ramune - a soda drink flavor

6. Sakura Macha - cherry blossom green tea

7. Pepper - I presume it's the spice, which just sounds disgusting

8. Miso - not surprising but it doesn't sound good to me

9. Aloe Vera - is this a candy or a skin treatment?

10. Daigakuimo - sweet potato; really?

11. Cucumber - now they're just trying for strange

12. European Cheese - as opposed to American processed slices, I presume, but nasty sounding either way

13. Creamy Apple - huh?


  1. There are also some of the most bizarre and curious flavors of ice cream in Japan, aren't there?

    I guess they're more adventurous eaters than most of us. LOL!

    Happy TT!

  2. Sakura Macha sounds yummy.

    @Kimberly - interesting ice cream flavors were posted here a few months ago, I think.

  3. Ewww! Beet? Sweet Potato? They'd be great candies to have around while dieting LOL
    Happy T13!

  4. Thanks for the fun comments! I actually did ice cream on my other blog. Thanks for remembering, Dilo! Here's the link:

  5. I take it this isn't the same thing as a Kit Kat Bar.

  6. They sound like the candies in Harry Potter.

  7. That's just plain wrong to ruin a perfectly good Kit Kat that way. Ugh!

  8. Kit Kat as in the candy bar? Wow. And forget about flavors, I've heard the traditional Kit Kat is better up here in Canada. I'll have to try to get my hands on some U.S. ones and check it out for myself.

  9. I think the only one I'd try would be the orange. There rest just don't sound tasty to my American taste buds.


  10. LOL! The Japanese aren't the only ones who do strange flavors. You should see some of the ones Jelly Belly does.
    Some of them are GROSS.

  11. Thanks for the great reactions! I really enjoyed this. As for Jelly Belly, I do love the buttered popcorn ones. I should buy some as a treat for various rewards. Hmmm....

  12. Do they have garlic? Garlic ice cream always sounded like a winner to me.


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