Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flash Fiction

Wake Up Call

“Michael, roll over. You’re lying on my arm.”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“A little more. Ah! Thank you. I need to get the feeling back if I’m going to take advantage of you.”

That woke Michael Blanc up. He looked at his older lover. Simon simply smiled, a predatory glint in the dark.

Rhetorically, Michael asked, “Did you say what I think you said?” Then immediately, without waiting for an answer, “What about work in the morning?”

“I don’t need a ton of sleep to get up for work on time tomorrow.”

Michael turned in the arms that now encircled him. Simon shifted on top of Michael and began nuzzling his neck. Their bed felt so warm and cozy that Michael relaxed as opposed to reacting overmuch.

“Would you rather I let you sleep?”

“No. Please don’t stop.”

“Okay. Good.”

A hot palm stroked his side and Simon’s wet lips found his nipple. Michael wound his fingers in the spiky black hair, careful not to pull. The suction at his breast had nerves instantly zapped from that tightening bit of flesh to his balls.

Another man might have stopped what he was doing to say something obvious like, “You like that.” Not Simon. Michael’s beloved Mr. X simply reached beneath their bodies with his free hand. A stroke upon Michael’s perineum brought out little gasps of pleasure. Following his silent lover’s closed lipped approach, Michael didn’t bother to ask him not to stop again. Time for speech had ended.

Michael smiled up at Simon. A finger suddenly delved into his cleft, finding his entrance, and he jerked like a happy puppet on strings. Simon chuckled darkly. He still hadn’t stopped suckling at Michael’s chest except to move to the neglected left side.

Marveling at his former employer, Michael thanked the powers-that-be for the opportunity to live in this loving home. With each thrust of Simon’s fingers, a second entering Michael now, bright eyes rolled back in the strawberry blond head. Michael reached up reflexively and began to tug on the curls trailing down his neck. Simon noticed, skillfully bringing up the hand stilled upon Michael’s ribcage and winding strands from the opposite side of Michael’s head around his own fingers.

Simon threw back his head. Still bearing lubricant from the night before, not to mention other evidence of their amorous activities, Michael was ready for what would come next.

“I want to be inside you now. You’re so tight and slick, Michael.”

For a moment, Michael feared he might come upon those words alone. Well, that and the stimulus upon his tingling scalp. He held on, however, not wishing to disappoint.

A hand upon his thigh encouraged him to lift his legs and open to Simon’s solid erection. The next few moments were intense as his body stretched for the other man’s insistent prod. They began moving as one with only the whoosh of the air ventilation system for accompaniment.

Each stroke brought the men closer to the brink. Michael could tell in Simon by the way that handsome brow furrowed. He reached down and began tugging on his own erection. His nipples remained rock hard despite the lack of stimulation. He preferred to look in Simon’s face, anyway.

“That’s it, come for me.”

The first spasm of Michael’s sphincter brought a cry from each man. Tightening upon that fullness always overwhelmed Michael’s senses more than the thick spurt of ejaculate upon his belly.

Simon tugged more tightly upon Michael’s hair simply by the way he changed his grip to hang onto Michael’s shoulder with that hand, the other on the receptive male’s hip.

“Oh, yes!”

Michael thought he might swallow his tongue for the pleasures of the sensations deep inside him. When his lover’s strong body quieted, Michael stretched within rumpled sheets, still basically trapped by Simon. Simon relaxed now, too.

“Can you go back to sleep without cleaning up?”

“After that wake up call? Yes, Simon. I’ll sleep fine as long as you’ll let me.”


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  1. Damn, girl, this is HAWT! Nice!! I love the language and how the time for talking was over; that added a whole new element to it. I like the description of the whoosh of the air ventilation being the only sound.

    Very hot!!

  2. Your compliment means a tremendous amount to me. Thanks!

  3. But can your readers go back to work without cleaning up? I'm so glad to see more with these characters.

  4. Just wanted to share that the word verification for my last post was "excessit". I think that was a request, or maybe an order.

  5. Good work. Now I'm curious about the science fiction setting, which didn't show up here. I have to read it. Only for the setting, of course. That's all. :D

  6. Thank you, DukTape! I hope you enjoy the longer story. :) It means a lot that you'd take time to read and comment.


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