Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for May 5th/6th

This snippet is not safe for work or family. It’s the opening to a sexual power exchange scene from my BloodMoon series. Whether or not you decide to read on I hope you will check out other writers sharing six sentences of LGBTQIA+ fiction. You can find them linked on the Rainbow Snippets Facebook page.


I followed him, eyes on that luscious ass encased in satin boxers. A knowing, extra sway to his hips made me laugh despite myself. Demeaning my naughty rascal, then nurturing and rebuilding him, diminished this world’s evils, if only for a while.

In our bedroom Nickolas folded my shirt and laid it on top the dresser. He removed his shorts, erection bouncing toward the ceiling. Slinking toward the bed, he dragged himself up like an abused dog.


I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoy penning this pair. Believe me when I say Alex has his hands full.



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