Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ Joys of Summer

Today, local temperatures are predicted to be eighty degrees Fahrenheit, an unseasonable heat wave. This inspired me to celebrate the coming of summer. I don’t particularly care for hot weather save one bonus – half-naked men.

As little as a bare arm hanging out of an open pickup window has been known to nearly send me off the road. Here are specific descriptions of my favorite male body parts.

1. Nose - inexplicably, I adore one with character, often translated as a hawk-like Romanesque proboscis

2. Neck - long, preferably under a well-kept cascade of hair

3. Hands – broad, slender, rough, smooth, as long as his knuckles aren’t hairy I like to imagine how they might feel

4. Arms – see above, changing “hairy” to “excessively hirsute”

5. Feet – here, it’s all about slim appendages, especially bared above a ragged denim hem or neatly cuffed suit pants

6. Tummy - that span on a flat-bellied young man between his navel and the waistband of his shorts, especially the denim cutoffs I sadly never see anymore

7. Lips – make them shapely, moist, and parted to emit incoherent sounds of pleasure

8. Shoulders – smooth and not obscenely broad, think runner instead of linebacker

9. Voice – mellifluous, never loud and definitely not overused; an accent is nice but not necessary and, for that matter, English speaking is optional

10. Legs – long and lean with a dusting of hair

11. Back – scars and tattoos can be interesting to contemplate, hairless is a must

12. Chest – I’ve admittedly become a convert to the waxed, metro-sexual look; it’s nice to think of a guy taking time to groom himself, or perhaps needing a little help

13. Ass – I had to mention this, though all I want to picture at the moment is an Asian male in sweet repose with a sheet barely covering his slender curves and that tauntingly shadowed cleft (Thanks again, Dilo)


  1. I like having your list on this blog, too! Until I starting writing about men, I gave very little thought to most of the items on your list. I'm going to think about this more. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the picture I sent - great to see you're getting plenty of use from it, and I love your description.

  2. You made my day, and days, and days to come, I anticipate...
    I appreciate your inspiration and support.

  3. Great list, I'm especially a fan of a man's voice, lips, arms, shoulders and eyes. I'm very surprised not to see eyes on your list! I never thought about a man's nose too much though before - I must do some research! :-D


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