Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Thirteen ~ Turning Japanese

Thirteen benefits to studying the Japanese language:

1. Stimulates the brain

2. Forges a link to a culture very different from my own

3. I’m learning the lyrics of my favorite Japanese pop and rock music

4. Understanding the television appearances by some of these same performers

5. Unexpectedly, discovering a dream of retiring to Japan and running a ryokan, a type of inn similar to a bed and breakfast, complete with shōji doors and tatami flooring

6. Provides interesting topic of conversation

7. More purposeful to me than playing any kind of game, no matter how challenging

8. Coming to understand why there are three sets of characters

9. Sounding out hiragana and katakana phonetic characters feels like a real accomplishment (kanji is another story, but I recognize a few)

10. Writing the characters feels like making art

11. Reading “Pictures from the Water Trade: Adventures of a Westerner in Japan” is more entertaining

12. Gives me some new accomplishment to look forward to every day

13. Allows me to imagine pillow talk with some Asian hottie


  1. Excellent list. I continue to be impressed with your studies. I also love the new banner on this site. Great idea to use the card.

  2. Great list, Darla. I especially like #13. *wink* Happy Thursday!

  3. Nice list! I'm a big anime and manga fan, and I'd love to learn the Japanese language. My husband knows a little of it, maybe someday I'll learn it, too. (and I'm with Stephanie on really liking #13, heh)

  4. You've sold me. My dd and I were thinking of learning Japanese so we could read Manga in the original form.

  5. 7. More purposeful to me than playing any kind of game, no matter how challenging

    Wow, did you say a mouthful there! I think I have a new project for my son...

  6. You're hobbies are more useful than mine. lol

    Good luck with the Japanese.

  7. Good on you. I'd love to visit Japan. My nephew speaks Japanese and subsequently married a Japanese girl.

  8. Learning languages are so not my thing! LOL!


    My TT is at

  9. An interesting list. Learning another language (or two or three, LOL) definitely keeps the mind sharp. Or confused. Sometimes both, LOL. Good luck with your studies!

  10. I really appreciate the kind comments. Dilo, you always say the nicest things. I'm glad you approve of 13, Stephanie. Tatiana & Alice, I wonder if there is a lesson plan designed for your goals (it might be worth checking). This is definitely a unique endeavor. Thanks for the well wishes!


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